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Mirik Health Foods User Reviews

Mirik Health Foods reviews by Users. 

Dec 18, 2014

MIRIK Health Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Mirik Health Foods Pvt. Ltd. is my second company in which I am working. This is a good company to work for. I have been working here since last 8 months and I can say clearly that the company actually treats its employees as their assets. They always keep on motivating us if we feel low at any point of our work. They constantly organize training programs or workshops for the appraisal of their employees. All the colleagues here are very cooperative.
I want to share here an incident of my starting work. In the starting when I joined the company, I was not that experienced in marketing or handling the customers. And many a times I used to feel depressed that I am working so hard but there is no outcome of my work. I decided to quit my job and search for another company. I mailed my resignation letter. But the HR of my company called me up and asked me about the problem I am having in continuing the work. I told her the whole story. Then she smile and called up my senior and tell him the whole story. He also smiled and asked me to continue and assured me all type of help if I needed any.
I continued to work and soon I saw the improvement in my work and outcome just due to the hard work of my Team Leader and my colleague. And now I am full confident and all the customers with whom I have deal and my office seniors are so very satisfied with me.
I am so happy with this and wanted to share my story here.
Thanks Mirik for helping me building my confidence.
Thank you so much.
shaily sharma
Jan 8, 2015
improved Calcium with Mirik medicines
MIRICAL SYRUP is really a miracle
I am 44 years old woman and due to my calcium deficiency my bones have become weak. I always used to feel pain here and there. As I am retired, I love surfing internet and use to read and write about anything new that passes by. 
Those days I was searching a good ayurvedic medicine for myself as allopathic medicines have more side effects than relief. There are very few companies in the market that go for ayurvedic treatment as it is a bit slow process than allopath. 
Meanwhile I started to feel numbness and tingling in the hands, feet, and face. I could not bear that and thus forgot the little pains I feel here and there. For almost 1 year, I wandered here and there to see the doctors, but no one could even diagnose the exact reason for my pain. Then one day an acupressure doctor told me that it could be a problem due to lack of calcium in my body. He suggested me to take some Ayurvedic medicine for the cure of this deficiency. He also said that the pain I feel in my body is also due to that deficiency. I started searching for a suitable and effective medicine that can help me out. I talked to many a people about the Ayurvedic medicines, the doctors, and then came to know about MIRIK HEALTHFOODS. I am a woman that do a proper research before trying anything new for myself. 
I surfed through internet and searched about the ingredients of the product and sharing with you so that you could also believe.
1. Calcium carbonate is a dietary supplement used when the amount of calcium taken in the diet is not enough. 
2. Vitamin D (cholecalciferol-D3) is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus.
3. Magnesium hydroxide is both a laxative and one of the three major classes of antacids, which also include calcium carbonate and aluminum hydroxide. You can use magnesium hydroxide to treat constipation, upset stomach and heartburn.
4. Zinc is such a critical element in human health that even a small deficiency is a disaster. Zinc is so important because it is found in every tissue in the body and is directly involved in cell division.
Then after self-satisfaction, I ordered the product and trust me the results were same as I expected. Now within 3 months of the use, numbness and tingling I felt very strong is very light now, almost negligible. I am very happy with this product. Hope it will keep on curing many people like me. Last but not the least, I want to thank MIRIK for this great product.
Mohan Pyare

Dec 31, 2014
Mirik Healthfoods, a good company
Diabetes is a lifelong condition that causes a person’s blood sugar (glucose) level to become too high.
The hormone insulin – produced by the pancreas – is responsible for controlling the amount of glucose in the blood.
There are two main types of diabetes:
Type 1 – where the pancreas doesn’t produce any insulin
Type 2 – where the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin or the body’s cells don’t react to insulin
This topic is about type 1 diabetes. Read more about type 2 diabetes.
Another type of diabetes, known as gestational diabetes, occurs in some pregnant women and tends to disappear following birth.
It’s very important for diabetes to be diagnosed as soon as possible, because it will get progressively worse if left untreated.
You should therefore visit your GP if you have symptoms, which include feeling thirsty, passing urine more often than usual and feeling tired all the time (see the list below for more diabetes symptoms). 
Type 1 and type 2 diabetes
Type 1 diabetes can develop at any age, but usually appears before the age of 40, particularly in childhood. Around 10% of all diabetes is type 1, but it’s the most common type of childhood diabetes. This is why it’s sometimes called juvenile diabetes or early-onset diabetes. 
In type 1 diabetes, the pancreas (a small gland behind the stomach) doesn’t produce any insulin – the hormone that regulates blood glucose levels. This is why it’s also sometimes called insulin-dependent diabetes.
If the amount of glucose in the blood is too high, it can, over time, seriously damage the body’s organs.
In type 2 diabetes, the body either doesn’t produce enough insulin to function properly, or the body’s cells don’t react to insulin. Around 90% of adults with diabetes have type 2, and it tends to develop later in life than type 1.
Diabetes symptoms
The symptoms of diabetes occur because the lack of insulin means that glucose stays in the blood and isn’t used as fuel for energy.
Your body tries to reduce blood glucose levels by getting rid of the excess glucose in your urine.
Typical symptoms include:
feeling very thirsty
passing urine more often than usual, particularly at night
feeling very tired
weight loss and loss of muscle bulk
The symptoms of type 1 diabetes usually develop very quickly in young people (over a few days or weeks). In adults, the symptoms often take longer to develop (a few months).
Read more about the symptoms of type 1 diabetes.
Causes of type 1 diabetes 
Type 1 diabetes occurs as a result of the body being unable to produce insulin, which moves glucose out of the blood and into your cells to be used for energy.
Without insulin, your body will break down its own fat and muscle, resulting in weight loss. This can lead to a serious short-term condition called diabetic ketoacidosis, where the bloodstream becomes acidic and you develop dangerous levels of dehydration.
Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition, where the immune system (the body’s natural defence against infection and illness) mistakes the cells in your pancreas as harmful and attacks them.
Read more about the causes of type 1 diabetes.
Treating type 1 diabetes
It’s important that diabetes is diagnosed as early as possible, so that treatment can be started.
Diabetes can’t be cured, but treatment aims to keep your blood glucose levels as normal as possible and control your symptoms, to prevent health problems developing later in life.
If you’re diagnosed with diabetes, you’ll be referred to a diabetes care team for specialist treatment and monitoring.
As your body can’t produce insulin, you’ll need regular insulin injections to keep your glucose levels normal. You’ll be taught how to do this and how to match the insulin you inject to the food you eat, taking into account your blood glucose level and how much exercise you do.
Insulin injections come in several different forms, with each working slightly differently. Some last up to a whole day (long-acting), some last up to eight hours (short-acting) and some work quickly but don’t last very long (rapid-acting). You’ll most likely need a combination of different insulin preparations.
There are alternatives to insulin injections, but they’re only suitable for a small number of patients. They are:
insulin pump therapy – where a small device constantly pumps insulin (at a rate you control) into your bloodstream through a needle that’s inserted under the skin
islet cell transplantation – where healthy insulin-producing cells from the pancreas of a deceased donor are implanted into the pancreas of someone with type 1 diabetes (read about the criteria for having an islet transplant)
a complete pancreas transplant
Read more about diagnosing diabetes and treating type 1 diabetes.
If diabetes is left untreated, it can cause a number of different health problems. Large amounts of glucose can damage blood vessels, nerves and organs.
Even a mildly raised glucose level that doesn’t cause any symptoms can have damaging effects in the long term.
Read more about the complications of type 1 diabetes.
Living with diabetes
If you have type 1 diabetes, you’ll need to look after your health very carefully. Caring for your health will also make treating your diabetes easier and minimise your risk of developing complications.
For example, eating a healthy, balanced diet and exercising regularly will lower your blood glucose level. Stopping smoking (if you smoke) will also reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
If you have diabetes, your eyes are at risk from diabetic retinopathy, a condition that can lead to sight loss if it’s not treated. Everyone with diabetes aged 12 or over should be invited to have their eyes screened once a year.
Raju Raman

Dec 4, 2014
Rheumapir - Good Medicine for Muscles
Hello friends aaj maine yaha aap se kuch baat share karne aaya hu ju ki mujhe lagta hain ki wo kahi na kahi aap ki bhi help karnegi jis thara mere kam aai.Rheumapir capsules ek bhaut hi acchi musules pain relife medicine hain jo ki ek tharah ka energy dose bhi bool sakte hain. Main ek athletes hu jis ki wajhe se mujhe workout or stamina excercise karni padati hain jis wajahe se body main pain ek aam baat hain or thakan bhi bahut mehsusa hoti hain jis ki wajha se aap jadatar aalsi ban jate hain. Tab mere coach ne mujhe kaha ki “aap Rheumapir capsule manufactured by Mirik health foods try karo jo ki musules ke liye bahut acchi medicine hain jis se aap ki muscles main pain kam hota hain aur aap ko enargy bhi milti hain jis ka koi sydaffect bhi nahi hain or aap ko doping ki chinta karne ki bhi koi jarurat nahi ye 100% ayurvedic medicine hain”. Doping yaha is liye use kiya kyu ki ek athlete hone ki whajhe se trayel deni hoti hain jis main medical bhi hota hain aur agar app positive paye gaye tu aap ban bhi ho sakte hain. Jab maine ye medicine use ki tu mujhe bahut aram mahesus hoa or enargy level bhi bad gaya. Tu app sab se main ye hi khena chahonga jo bhi is tahar ki musules problums se pareshan hain wo is ko ek bar jaror try kare. Thank you.
Mirdiab is a great product
My blood sugar use to be Random approx. 350 but after I started consuming Mirdiab of Mirik Healthfoods Pvt. Ltd., in July, 2014, in last three month; my Random blood sugar is stable now, approx. 120 to 150. The most important thing is that the weakness I used to feel before the consumption on the medicine is now no more. 

Akash Cande
Now, the only problem is that this product is not available in any Chemist shop or Departmental store in Pune. I need to give call to Mirik Healthfoods Pvt. Ltd., Delhi Office and then they direct someone in Mumbai to deliver the products to me. Company should have their products available in Pune. It is good product but the only problem is its availability. In the diabetic life style, regular medicine is a much required thing. I have wrote to Mirik Healthfoods Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi in this regards many times.


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